Building a better community together

We play together to relax and have fun in a friendly environment.

EDGE spends time working together to meet our member's goals, whether those are earning Achievement Points, leveling up, gaining PvP or WvW rank, completing the all the jumping puzzles, or even earning map completion! We've helped members build legendary weapons and other crafting goals as well.

Many of us have spent hours and hours in the game and have become good friends in Tyria and more importantly, outside of the game. We always love to meet new people to call friends and allies.


Cooperative Play

Stories, Quests, Crafting, Dungeons, Events, and more

From daily world boss events to crafting, EDGE helps with all aspects of PvE. We have collectors and achievement point farmers, as well as dungeon runners and explorers. We use a fully upgraded Guild to host weekly guild missions so that we can work together for even more rewards.


Competitive Play

PvP and WvW Action

EDGE is a megaserver guild so we don't claim any World as our own. We have many different ways of participating in WvW from running in zergs to small roaming parties.

For PvP, we maintain a server for competitive matches. We have both new and very experienced PvP players always looking to teach others the ropes and build even stronger teams!


Cutting EDGE Technology

We use several different technologies to stay connected with our members. Participation with these tools are not a requirement, but they help you understand what's going on and coordinated. Using these tools is the best way to work together!


Slack is a combination messaging and forum communication tool. It can be used on the web, desktop, or from mobile apps, making it the best choice for keeping in touch out of the game.


Teamspeak is a realtime voice chat program available for your computer or mobile device. In-game coordination is easy when you can talk with your group no matter where you are.

Google Drive

Google Drive spreadsheets and documents help track what we're doing, and we can edit them together when needed. We don't spend alot of time here since it takes away from game time!